Looking for some fantastic Denton roofing work on your property? Well it’s about time you found us! In fact, we will often work with a homeowner or a commercial property to find out there are multiple other ways to solve and relieve you of issues you have. To illustrate this more clients, here are a few areas of concern that we deal with on a regular basis:

Residential Denton Roofing Repairs/Installations

Yes! As a matter of that, this is a main emphasis for our business. Shocking I know, but you know what’s more shocking? There are a ton of Denton roofing contractors out there who say a lot of great things about their business, yet they are the only ones who have found value in their services. More likely than not, there actually isn’t any way to validate what they claim to be true about their work. Just look at some of fanfare that Cannon Roofing online promotes and you will soon find a correlation, everybody loves our work! We really get things done in our business and really do provide top-dollar Denton roofing repairs.

The quickest way to find out if your roof has hail damage or needs some updating is by simply calling us for a great inspection. It’s a seamless process for us to help you identify those particular, crucial areas of concern for you. On the phone call, our team will get to know you and make sure you feel confident in working with us. This is done by building a camaraderie or rapport with you, you know, actually giving a genuine interest for your life. On top of that, it’s a genuine interest for your needs. We’ll dig down into the details for how we can fully help and assist you.

Then, it’s all about how we are in fact, able to solve this issues. We’ll lay out the specific benefits we give to all of our paying clients and give very clear expectations for what to expect from our service. Because nine times out of ten, you won’t know really how we stand out from others. So our team is trained to fully communicate how we stand out from other Denton roofing competitors and give you honest feedback on where we’ll advance forward your project.

Once that phone call is done, we’ll execute the assessment and make sure you’re right on your way with the insurance specialists and Denton roofing contractors to get your roof looking great as ever. With our highly rated service and friendly smiles, it’s as simple as giving us a call today!

Commercial Roofing Repairs/Installations

Yes, we do in fact provide for large-scale commercial jobs. While a great amount of work is with residential projects, commercial buildings also need reliable, dependable roofers too right? So with these projects, we will often be the watch dogs for the property owner. It may just be a bonafide objective of ours to ensure that all roofs in the DFW region is built to perfection.

Our interactions with the commercial property owner is pivotal to our success with winning over these clients. Through our care to always keep them engaged and fully aware of our work, they will time and time again, thank us for being the most forthright contractor they’ve ever experienced. Whether it is with simple repairs and touch ups with the property or with full installations, Cannon Roofing is that fantastic resource for your property.

We Do Other Stuff?

While our main obsession and profession is with solving your Denton roofing problems, we also work on other jobs that are just as helpful for the homeowner.

  • Guttering – It’s no wonder that we clean your gutters as well. I mean, they are just right there by the roof! So while you work with us on fixing up those roofing repairs, you might as well ask us to repair the gutters in the roof or clean out those gutters for you. With our thorough habits and dedicated excellence, you won’t find those gutters causing you issues any longer.
  • Painting – Are you getting your roof to look brand, spanking new and you want your exterior walls to look fresh too? We also provide top-dollar painting work as well. Whether it is just doing with the exterior walls or it’s going into the interior design as well, our team is staffed and trained to take of those needs as well. Why not have a paint job?
  • Power Washing – Along with all the messes that we’re cleaning up for your roof, you might as well clean up all the nastiness going on throughout the outside of your house too. If those walls are looking a little dirty or funky, then gives us a call and we’ll give you a good power wash job too.
  • Insulation – As we deal with your next awesome roofing job, insulation plays a huge factor into the welfare of your home too. You need to keep your house comfy during any of the twenty six seasons that Texas has right? Then it’s really important that not only you have a great AC system, but you have a house that’s effectively insulated for any kind of weather change. Work with us today and as well take care of that roof, we’ll work on your insulation too.
  • Pest Control – Turns out that Texas has a good amount of bugs. Instead of simply tolerating mosquitoes and bugs in your area, you can give us a call and have us deal with these pest issues. We just kept seeing this as an issue for homeowners so we decided to prepare ourselves to cover this as well.


For every appointment or call we answer for a customer, it’s always awesome to know that Cannon Roofing will go above and beyond on their quest to WOW you of their work. Give them a call today to set up a free, no risk roof inspection and get the treatment you deserve.