Cannon Roofing is a residential and commercial Denton roofing company who specializes in really being a fantastic resource for our clients. While that may seem like a blanket statement you find with every contractor, if you call 99% of our customers, a trend should come about that illustrates our commitment to 5-star satisfaction. If you just take a quick read from our reviews on places like Google or Guildquality, this reality will begin to officially cement for you.

With our sales representatives, our Denton roofing contractors or the leadership here, we hold three core comparisons as our core values. They illuminate where our priorities are in this business and what characteristics we want to stay away from at Cannon Roofing. If anyone is employed or contracted out, they will be reminded of these three key areas constantly.


Punctuality vs. Perpetual Lateness

Punctuality is a huge deal to our company. We have just witnessed too many Denton roofing contractors out there who tell their customers times to come out and they don’t show up. Rather than actually giving respect to these customers who are sincerely needing a good roofer to fix their property, they show up late or show up on a different day than planned. The sad part is this shouldn’t be a shock either. Story upon story come up whenever we ask anybody about their previous experiences with Denton roofing contractors.

That’s why we lay down such an importance on punctuality. When we give a timeframe to show up for a job or an appointment, we actually will. In fact, we promote it as a core no-brainer for working with us. Our on-time and on-budget guarantees help us win a great bit of business. The main emphasis is we are showing esteem for others by doing the right thing at the right time.


Thoroughness vs. Incompleteness

For as many times as we’ve seen contractors ignore details, do a terrible job at cleaning up job sites and annoy the homeowners with their lack of sanitary regard, at Cannon Roofing, we always want to make sure we WOW our clients with the decency to dress well for first-time appointments. Then, when we’re actually doing the work, we make sure there isn’t a nightmare waiting for you when we’re doing with the job. It’s one of the big reasons people love working with us. We’ll often spending the last half hour or so on the job just walking around and meticulously picking up nails and different roof particles so it looks like you home didn’t survive the aftermath of an attack.

Where these other guys get it wrong is by not producing thorough work, but instead, providing incomplete services. Yet they still ask for complete and outrageous payments right!? Come talk to us at Cannon Roofing to make sure you’re not getting jipped by some high-flying, ace shooter who is happy to tear your wallet up with remains of money you once enjoyed having.


Dependability vs. Inconsistency

Finally, this could probably just be the capstone to all of our beliefs and characteristics we want to illustrate with Cannon Roofing. Dependability definitely encompasses the essence for any reason why people choose us. The owner for Cannon Roofing, Wesley, can tell you himself story after story of times where clients just loved the fact that he showed up on time. Or maybe the fact that he actually provided great work and wasn’t a crazy person. Even more, the guys that came to work weren’t crazy people either. At Cannon Roofing, it’s super important that every time a customer calls or anytime we’re busy on job, we’re dependable to take care of issue or get the job done. Even if we can’t answer your concern everyday, we won’t let you sit there and worry over the stresses of the project.

Where other contractors will fall apart is their inconsistency. Time and time again, the contracting world will make our days just a little bit sadder due to their lack of professionalism. Almost every homeowner either hears about a terrible thing with contractors or faced a weird situation with one themselves. At Cannon Roofing, we do what we continue to do, even if it amounts to considerable sacrifice. If you can’t get behind that as a homeowner or customer with your hard-earned dollars, then you probably won’t be a great fit for working with us!

Just to help illuminate even more clearly the importance of the comparisons between us and the competitors, we’ve built a fancy little table giving headlines to each side.


Cannon Roofing Rescue Roofer

Typical DFW Roofers

Cleanup and Maintenance for the Job

– Just like Germ-X, 99.9% of all nails and hardware are removed from each job, every time. Your property needs to look better than when we left it!

“It’s a Minefield for Nails.”

– Roofers will often leave remains of their work, thinking that this is best way to generate memorable experiences. It’s not.

No Surprises, Just Satisfied Expectations – As the great Ronald Reagan put it, “trust, but verify.” That includes final inspections!

Replacements Without Replacements…?

– Many Denton roofing contractors will “say” that they did a full replacement and the roof is all good to go. But sadly, people miss the details all the time or breeze over their work. Refer to your local, run-down Jack in the Box.

On-Budget & On-Time Guarantees!

– We always start on schedule and stay until completion! These are concrete, exact dates and times that we start, not subjective opinions or theoretical ideas.

Calendars Are Not a Thing.

– When working with typical roofers, you’ll find that the daily, consistent use of a calendar can be hard to come by.

If you’re tired of working with Denton roofing contractors who are sketchy and don’t give you consistently awesome work, then it’s time to work with Cannon Roofing today and schedule your free quality inspection of your roof. If we find nothing wrong with it, then you’re all good to go! If we do find problems with your Denton roofing or any other areas of concern, we’ll take care of it ourselves or direct you to someone else who can.